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I wish SpeedMaxPc nothing but the very best! I'm glad that I could be apart of the huge success this software & website are going to provide. This is truly a priceless product.

Mike B.

About SpeedMaxPc

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In 2010, a savvy computer knowledgeable individual decided to take a chance and make a difference in the computer software industry. He recognized modern computer users faced huge amounts of everyday problems and annoyances, brought on by security risks, system malfunctions, error messages and the expensive costs of hiring over-priced computer technicians to repair easy to fix problems.

With this information he partnered up with a team of intelligent individuals to build a compatible user friendly program that can be downloaded and used world-wide to help protect computers from dangerous websites, malware threats and provide the computer maintenance that all computers need from time to time.

Our goal is to provide and give the consumer a chance to easily maintain, secure, and optimize their own computers. “We strive to make this happen every day.”

SpeedMaxPc is simple, effective, affordable and packed with features that would normally cost hundreds of dollars if obtained individually by other software programs.

Computer Maintenance is the #1 solution to keeping your computer working at its best.

SpeedMaxPc has been downloaded (more then 1.7 million users as of April 2, 2012) and has solved countless computer related malfunctions all over the globe. There are approximately 12 professional individuals working to provide the best experience possible within our headquarters presently located in Hampden, Maine U.S.A Researching, developing, and giving the best of support for all of our customers to achieve a long-term relationship.

Regardless of age, ability, or computing experience, to secure and optimize your computer, SpeedMaxPc software & our team of experts are here to provide you with excellence!

SpeedMaxPc Software Developed by MaxTuneUp Corp. has made numerous contributions, donations and helps to establish a better community within it’s area, also seeking to help other organizations and individuals strengthen our world to make it a better, safer place to live.

‘SpeedMaxPC Donates a percentage of its yearly revenue to charities, cancer research for children and adults, animal shelters & nourishment and numerous other organizations.’

A Few Pictures of The SpeedMaxPc Office:

The Inside of SpeedMaxPc's Office


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