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Avoiding Scamware

published on 16.12.2012 in Antivirus

Phishing attempts made by online crooks use a combination of social engineering and technical deception to lure people into exposing their personal information. Social engineering is a non-technical kind of intrusion that attempts fooling people into disregarding normal security procedures.

For example: e-mails from banks directing users to provide personal information or risk restricted access to their accounts exploit people’s respect for authority.

Scamware is a more sophisticated variety of Phishing that relies less on social engineering and more on implanting keyloggers in users’ computers. Scamware can surreptitiously install keyloggers to collect personal identifiers—login and password information for online bank accounts, for example—and report them back to an unauthorized third party.

A Scameware program can also redirect a user’s browser to a fraudulent Web site.

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