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System Fix Rogue Virus Removal

published on 27.02.2012 in Antivirus

System Fix is a FAKE SYSTEM DEFRAGMENTER created by computer hackers and thieves to infect your computer, spy on you, steal personal information and control your computer.

The rouge software offers to repair computer malfunctions and  hard drive errors. THE HOOK, when browsing the web you may come across an innocent looking add or webpage WARNING YOU that your computer may be partly damaged or system files are missing with a number of other convincing tactics to get you to download the software. ‘DO NOT DOWNLOAD SYSTEM FIX’

System Fix may also have been downloaded unknowingly by visiting other websites, downloading music, videos or images and used its sneaky tactics to install it’s self onto your machine.

The program claims that your system can be easily fixed if you download and install a full version of System Fix. 


If you do download this software accidentally, the program will reboot your computer then start a  fake scan which only looks like it’s performing an actual computer diagnostic test, “or scanning your system” But it’s Not.

After the scan has completed, the program will alert you of TONS of spyware infections and Lots More hard drive errors.

The Fake Alert Will Appear Like The Photo Below!

What To Do: Ignore all alerts displayed by System Fix. This rogue software virus must be removed from your computer as soon as you notice it. This rogue program will NOT stop sending you pop up Warning messages once you re-start your computer.

You’re computer will be nearly 100% disabled from using your computer normally, including being able to browse the internet, unless you purchase the product, ‘DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT’ it will not make the problem go away, but only make things worse for you’re computer and your financial information.


How to Remove System Fix Rogue Virus

Option 1: Re-start your computer in safe mode and use Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender to perform a deep scan to diagnose and detect the virus or rogue program.

Option 2: Use a system restore point, if you are using earlier versions of Windows, use a complete system restore. You can pick an earlier date before you believe your computer may have become infected with this program. “We Recommend choosing the earliest date possible”.

If you  have any important information that you have installed on your computer, make sure to make a copy of that information if you are capable, while the rogue killer virus may make it very difficult to perform any task on your computer.

Once you have completed a System Restore point we recommend thoroughly scanning your computer with either Microsoft Windows Essentials or Windows Defender.

After you have completed these steps and have regained control of your computer, download and install a computer Maintenance Program, much like SpeedMaxPc to offer you schedule maintenance to protect you against future Rogue virus program attacks and keep your computer operating at a normal functionality.

Article Provided by SpeedMaxPc.com


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2 Responses to “System Fix Rogue Virus Removal”
  1. Allen says:

    Good to know about this for my PC I am using Comodo Anti-virus for both my PC and Internet security which is doing fine and satisfactory.

  2. Santa says:

    System Fix is a fake/ rogue windows utility software. Thanks for the article because it might be usefull to so many users who tried this and suffering of it