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What is Malware and Computer Viruses?

published on 11.04.2014 in Antivirus

A virus is a kind of Malware that tends to lead you to believe that you removed it from your Pc, while instead it is duplicating itself, inserting copies into different computer programs, data files, as well as most drivers. Once it doubles itself successfully all those areas are then “infected”.

We all come across computer viruses and other nasty forms of Malware ( infections) that cause problems starting with minor issues to ones that are very severe. Malware duplicates itself filling up all extra empty space on your drive, turning your computer into a brick. Making your computer useless because there is not enough space to do anything at all.
Win32 Heur Threat

To prevent this from happening to your computer watch what you download and try not to fall for websites that come across like they can fix all problems.

Or you can go into your start up menu and go to control panel and do a system restore or a system Defrag. By doing this it will remove most of the duplicate files and unneeded drivers that you don’t need and free up some space for you.

If you decide to do this after I would recommend downloading Speedmaxpc.com just for safety.

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