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Win32 Virus – What is Win32?

published on 06.03.2014 in Antivirus

Win32 is a mixed mode virus that is infective to executable files on computers. Besides this, it can also download Trojans automatically and then display as the system files. It is difficult for a person to recognize whether it is system file or not. So you should not remove it without first verifying that the file you are removing is the correct win32 virus file.

Win32 can launch itself automatically when you start up your computer and at the same time, it can also modify your system registry, reconnect your PC to malicious sites and then download Trojans or virus on your computer without your knowledge. Furthermore, by infecting the executable files on your machine, viruses will make your PC run very slowly or even destroy your computer.


To fix this problem and speed up your computer, you should apply the following steps:

Check through all your hard disks. Delete the suspicious files from your hard disks.

Delete any programs not needed in your start-up. The more programs you add into Startup, the longer time your system needs to operate. So you should delete as many items as possible from Startup.

Download a excellent Registry cleaner to fix Registry problems.
Registry is very important for a PC running. With the prolonged use, there could be a lot of registry entries, you should clear them in a timely manner.

Update the security tool and run it under Safe Mode. Use it to run the Full scan to detect and remove any corrupt files from your system.

This should solve the problem with win32. To be sure, you should run an enhanced computer performance utility to have your computer operating like new again. You should also try downloading a anti-spyware program to protect you pc as well, thats why we suggest downloading and installing SpeedMaxPC.

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