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I purchased SpeedMaxpc for one problem I was having and not only did they help me with that problem the program saved my computer from being tossed in the trashed.

Ashley W.
New York

I was ready to throw my computer away! There were so many error messages. I couldn’t understand what any of them meant. Thank goodness SpeedMaxPc did. It took care of all of errors and got my computer working at its best.

Julee R.

SpeedMwxpc didnt only solve my missing file problem, but it also helpd me keep my computer safe from Malware.

Harry N.

How to Use Remote Desktop with Windows Vista

Remote Desktop is an easy way of controlling a PC that you can’t physically get to. You can access the system as if you were sitting right in front of it, allowing you to run applications, access files etc… To get started, first make sure you have enabled remote desktop on the PC you wish […]


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Javascript:void is a web browser error that normally seems when the browser is operating into issues loading the JavaScripts on sites you are visiting. Think about the subsequent achievable causes and remedies. Pop-up Blockers From time to time these conflict with how your website browser interacts with the site you are going to, resulting in […]

Using Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

published on 22.09.2014 in System Tagged , ,

Windows Vista has it’s own set of keyboard shortcuts, but did you know that you can also auto assign shortcuts to launch any application? For example, instead of looking for the icon ‘image’ shortcut,you can just launch the Calculator by pressing CTRL + F12. To assign a keyboard combination, find a shortcut to the application […]

How to Take a Snapshot of Anything On or Offline

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If you want to make an image from anything your viewing on the web, on just on your screen in general; that is called a screenshot or snapshot. There are several ways to do this, depending on how you want to take the image. To copy an image of the entire screen into the clipboard, […]

What is Malware and Computer Viruses?

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A virus is a kind of Malware that tends to lead you to believe that you removed it from your Pc, while instead it is duplicating itself, inserting copies into different computer programs, data files, as well as most drivers. Once it doubles itself successfully all those areas are then “infected”. We all come across […]

How to Choose the Best Anti-Virus Program

In the everyday struggle of security online it’s harder than ever to really separate the fact from fiction when it comes to claims and realities of a really good Anti-Virus security program. The truth is often harder to figure out than the advertising hype of the security industry so before you take any hasty actions […]

Adware Exposed

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What is Adware? If you have ever been annoyed by pop ups, or redirected when looking at websites on the internet then there is a good chance your system is infected by adware. Adware is often referred to advertising supported programs, as the software that is used by the programs is usually made to display […]