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What is Malware and Computer Viruses?

published on 11.04.2014 in Antivirus Tagged , , ,

A virus is a kind of Malware that tends to lead you to believe that you removed it from your Pc, while instead it is duplicating itself, inserting copies into different computer programs, data files, as well as most drivers. Once it doubles itself successfully all those areas are then “infected”. We all come across […]

How to Choose the Best Anti-Virus Program

In the everyday struggle of security online it’s harder than ever to really separate the fact from fiction when it comes to claims and realities of a really good Anti-Virus security program. The truth is often harder to figure out than the advertising hype of the security industry so before you take any hasty actions […]

Adware Exposed

published on 07.03.2014 in Spyware Tagged , , , , ,

What is Adware? If you have ever been annoyed by pop ups, or redirected when looking at websites on the internet then there is a good chance your system is infected by adware. Adware is often referred to advertising supported programs, as the software that is used by the programs is usually made to display […]

Win32 Heur Threat

published on 06.03.2014 in Spyware Tagged

If you have been downloading programs via peer to peer methods like torrents, opening email attachments from unknown sources, or opening corrupted media files there is a possibility that you have been infected with the win32 heur virus. This infection will often appear to the user as an anti-virus pop up that is demanding payment […]

Auslogics Disk Defrag

published on 06.03.2014 in Spyware Tagged

In today’s current culture of quickly adding and removing programs there might be times when your hard drive has been slowed down to almost a crawl because of the fragmentation. If you are unfamiliar with what fragmentation; it is essentially when pieces of data is not properly removed from the disk when adding, moving, or […]

Win32 Virus – What is Win32?

published on 06.03.2014 in Antivirus Tagged , , , ,

Win32 is a mixed mode virus that is infective to executable files on computers. Besides this, it can also download Trojans automatically and then display as the system files. It is difficult for a person to recognize whether it is system file or not. So you should not remove it without first verifying that the […]

What is Adware?

published on 06.03.2014 in Spyware Tagged , , ,

If you are new to computers and are looking to browse the Internet, make sure that you have an Internet Security bundle installed to protect you from viruses, Trojans, adware and malware. While adware is not really malicious to the computer on a serious scale, it can cause your screen to be infested with popup […]