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Win32 Virus – What is Win32?

published on 06.03.2014 in Antivirus

Win32 is a mixed mode virus that is infective to executable files on computers. Besides this, it can also download Trojans automatically and then display as the system files. It is difficult for a person to recognize whether it is system file or not. So you should not remove it without first verifying that the [...]

Top 5 Computer Antivirus Tools of 2013

published on 16.12.2012 in Antivirus

Antivirus tools are extremely important in the survival of your computer by protecting it from a multitude of viral, Trojan, and Malware threats. They work hard to  stop virus infections to protecting our cellphones and other media devices. Antivirus tools are so important for use as a secondary precaution from preventing chaos. A good firewall [...]

Avoiding Scamware

published on 16.12.2012 in Antivirus

Phishing attempts made by online crooks use a combination of social engineering and technical deception to lure people into exposing their personal information. Social engineering is a non-technical kind of intrusion that attempts fooling people into disregarding normal security procedures. For example: e-mails from banks directing users to provide personal information or risk restricted access [...]

Best AntiMalware Tool

published on 19.03.2012 in Antivirus

There are many anti-malware removal tools available online today. When you get down to it all, searching for the best antimalware tool can become a tedious task and may be overwhelming with the amount of programs available to help you fight & protect yourself against malware threats. When removing malware from your computer becomes a [...]

System Fix Rogue Virus Removal

published on 27.02.2012 in Antivirus

System Fix is a FAKE SYSTEM DEFRAGMENTER created by computer hackers and thieves to infect your computer, spy on you, steal personal information and control your computer. The rouge software offers to repair computer malfunctions and  hard drive errors. THE HOOK, when browsing the web you may come across an innocent looking add or webpage [...]

Danger Alert: AntiVirus AntiSpyware 2011

published on 12.07.2011 in Antivirus

Due to the sheer sophistication that goes into the development and design of rogueware these days, PC owners are having a harder time than ever distinguishing genuine security tools and malicious rogues. AntiVirus System 2011 rogue antispyware is a perfect example. Hailing from the family of hubris rogues such as Smart Security, it’s clear to [...]

Lookout: Rogue Antivirus Viruses

published on 11.07.2011 in Antivirus

The rogue antivirus virus is one of those viruses that seems innocent enough at first. It pops up on your screen, and looks like a legitimate antivirus program. Or sometimes it even looks like a security tool program. And it tells you that there is something wrong with the site you’re visiting. That there’s a [...]