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Windows XP Drivers – What For

published on 26.06.2011 in Drivers

It is a fact that Windows XP is the most commonly used operating system across the length and breadth of the world. Whether it is an old Celeron machine or a Core2Duo machine, people find it prudent to run this version of Windows rather than some of the newer and bulkier ones. For every piece [...]

Ethernet Controller Drivers Download

published on 25.06.2011 in Drivers

If you are using an Ethernet device like Ethernet based hardware or modem for example, it is necessary for your computer to have an installed driver. This will help your computer detect fully the hardware and how it works. Ethernet controller drivers do this job and although it is quite incorporated with the new computer [...]

ell Driver Problems

published on 25.06.2011 in Drivers

One of the best manufacturers of computer hardware is Dell however; there are still some common issues that Dell products face. Just like the other devices, sometimes your Dell hardware will cease to operate and must be fixed. Fortunately, when hardware starts on malfunctioning, fixing them is quite as easy as making updates for the [...]

What are Windows Drivers?

published on 23.02.2011 in Drivers

For you to understand Windows drivers, you will first need to get a clear picture of what drivers are. A typical computer is made of hardware components which are coded in a specific language called machine assembly language. The operating system exists to make it easier for the user to communicate with the computer. However, [...]

What are 64 bit Drivers?

published on 12.02.2011 in Drivers

If you are not much of a computer person, then chances are that you can discern between 32 bit and 64 bit processors and their associated drivers. However, for those of you who do not really know how a 64 bit processor is superior to the 32 bit processor, you will need to understand that [...]

What are Computer drivers?

published on 12.02.2011 in Drivers

How many times have you plugged in your new graphics card or printer and been asked to install the specific drivers? It is a fact that no hardware component works with the computer unless a driver is installed. Every hardware component has a structure that was designed to be ubiquitous and compatible with all systems; [...]

How to Update Windows Drivers

published on 11.02.2011 in Drivers

As established before, you now know that drivers are required to form a communication channel between the operating system and the hardware component. However, some common hardware components are recognized by the operating system because it has built-in drivers for them. For instance, most input devices like the keyboard, mouse and a few joysticks have [...]