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What is a certificate error?

published on 12.10.2011 in Error Codes

Security Certificates are issued to vendors from CA, (Certifying Authorities) and are used for secure communications, such as when you connect to your bank through the internet and are directed to an https:// channel rather then a http:// channel,  you will also see the picture of a  'LOCK' on the browser,  this is letting  you […]

What is Error 1603

published on 06.10.2011 in Error Codes

Error 1603  is displayed by the Microsoft Windows Installer engine,  it is a error that usually indicates an issue occurred while you  were in the process of  installing. Here are some of the reasons you may encounter this error: 1. Short file name creation is disabled on the target machine. 2. An Install Script custom […]

What is Error Code 10?

published on 05.10.2011 in Error Codes

This code is seen when you try to start a program or device which is usually displayed as: ‘This device cannot start (Code 10)’. Computers that use Windows XP: which is the default error code message that your computers' Device Manager',generates when your (OS)”operating system” is unable to determine exactly which error code to return […]


published on 07.02.2011 in Error Codes

Error Code 0x1: Message 1;”ERROR_INVALID_FUNCTION” Description of Error Windows Code Error 1: This means your system was not able to find a device, because there was no driver found for that device in your computer. It could also mean that the device was installed in the driver wrong, or that the connection from the device […]


published on 07.02.2011 in Error Codes

Error Code 0x0: This error code means a successful completion,or connection(for Windows). This message will be sent to DUN/RAS if it is a success. It will come up at the end of a task or even while you are doing a task. This Error code can be for many computer problems, it also slows down […]

What are Error Codes?

published on 24.01.2011 in Error Codes

When programs or even your PC's operating system does not run properly, system error codes are displayed on your computer monitor. The codes are made up of a series of error numbers and a short messages, that briefly describe specific error information. What do the codes mean? Windows error codes can provide you clues regarding […]

Error 6

published on 08.07.2010 in Error Codes

Microsoft System Error 6 Description: Description: Error 6: ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE 6 (0x6) The handle is invalid. Explanation: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811882 Common: Yes! Error 6 is frequently experienced by millions of users. Possible Causes: missed config settings, missing system files, wrong system settings, windows registry pile ups, delayed updates, memory errors or a corrupted system registry. Solutions/Fix: First, try […]