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Mike B.

Windows Vista Optimization 101

published on 10.02.2011 in Performance

Nothing could be more frustrating than a slow computer, especially for people that rely on them all day long to perform important tasks. How to optimize Windows Vista The Following are some PC Troubleshooting tips for optimizing Windows Vista. These steps are extremely easy to follow and you don’t have to be a nerd to [...]

Faster PC… for Faster Productivity

published on 09.02.2011 in Performance

How to Speed up Your Computer To Enhance Productivity! It’s hard to find an office or home without a personal computer these days. Though not every office or every home owns and uses a computer,  not every computer you see is running at its best performance. “Even the most powerful machines slow down” over a [...]

The Fatal Exception Error

published on 06.08.2010 in Performance

In a computer system everything can appear to be running smoothly until one small little issue can cause an entire shut down of a program. Usually these types of errors are referred to as exception error, or Fatal Exception Errors, as they usually shut down an entire program unexpectedly. Listed below are the reasons that [...]

0X0eedfade Error

published on 31.07.2010 in Performance

If you are experiencing any error messages that are related to the error code 0x0eedfade then you can understand how frustrating it is to have so little information provided regarding the cause of the 0x0eedfade errors as well as what can be done to help fix the issue that is causing the 0x0eedfade errors. Luckily, [...]

Buffer Underrun Error

published on 22.07.2010 in Performance

Buffer Underrun, is sometime known as buffer underrun or buffer underflow, is something that happens when there are two different programs, or devices, that are communicating and sending data to each other. There are no set rules as to the types of data that is being sent between the programs; however Buffer Underrun is typically [...]

Error 643 Code

published on 17.06.2010 in Performance, System

Error code 643 is what is referred to by Microsoft as a Generic error code. This means that there are multiple reasons that Error 643 is appearing on your system. As there are many different reasons that it could occur listed below will be the main reason why Error 643 happens as well as possible [...]

0×80070643 Error

published on 17.06.2010 in Performance, System

Error 0×80070643 is an error message that can appear for a large number of different reasons and usually has to do with issues within the registry related to the program files within certain updates of programs. If you are encountering issues that display the error number 0×80070643 there are a couple of things that should [...]