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Remove Babylon Toolbar – Babylon Toolbar

published on 30.01.2013 in System

About the Babylon Toolbar? The Babylon Toolbar is a horrid toolbar that takes over your browser and wrecks havoc, making your browsing experience very poor. Once installed, the Babylon Toolbar changes your main search engine to Babylon Search. This is considered “adware”, which then frequently and randomly redirects you to pages you don’t want to [...]

How To Defrag Windows Vista

published on 29.11.2012 in System

The older your computer system the better the chance that it has become cluttered with data from installs, uninstalls, moving of files, and many other activities that will slow down your computer over time. As Windows Vista has been out for several years now many of those users are trying to find the easiest way [...]

How to Defrag Your Computer

published on 31.07.2012 in System

If you have had a computer for a while you might have noticed that it has slowed down from the day that you originally purchased it. If it appears, or feels, that your system has slowed down day by day then there are a couple of things that might be causing this. The first thing [...]

Clean up My Computer FREE

published on 23.06.2012 in System

With the increase in computer technology so has the amount of time that we spend on our systems, which in turn increase the amount of things that we use computers to do. With these increased activities computer have become burdened with the excessive files and programs that we do not really need on our system [...]

Emachine System Restore

published on 12.06.2012 in System

Many times, and usually when we least can afford it to happen, our computer will encounter some type of corruption that can cause fatal flaws to the operating system. These flaws are often the result of an action of a newly installed program that has either corrupted a previously installed programs, or has a flaw [...]

404 Error Message – Fix 404 Errors

published on 05.05.2012 in System

Many times when surfing the internet there will be error messages that are displayed in the internet browsing programs that might confuse the everyday computer user. One of the most common error messages displayed is the 404 error message which will be further explained below. Listed below are the common reasons for the 404 error [...]

Windows Update Fails

published on 06.04.2012 in System

How to Troubleshot Windows Update Errors Just like any other programs the Windows Operating system requires constant updates. Most times this is to fix issues that have arisen to  provide you with added security that keep your system secured. However, there might be times when your computer may not be functioning correctly and a Windows [...]