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I just can't believe I'm one of the first to test and try out SpeedMaxPc, this software is absolutely amazing. Thanks you guys!

Marty Chapman
Hermon, Me

Great information about how to speed up my system.


I want to thank the support team at SpeedMaxpc for helping me with the little issue I couldn't figure out for myself.
The support team is always there when I need them.

Breanna W.

How to Use Remote Desktop with Windows Vista

published on 11.08.2016 in Performance, System

Remote Desktop is an easy way of controlling a PC that you can’t physically get to. You can access the system as if you were sitting right in front of it, allowing you to run applications, access files etc… To get started, first make sure you have enabled remote desktop on the PC you wish […]


published on 02.01.2015 in System

Javascript:void is a web browser error that normally seems when the browser is operating into issues loading the JavaScripts on sites you are visiting. Think about the subsequent achievable causes and remedies. Pop-up Blockers From time to time these conflict with how your website browser interacts with the site you are going to, resulting in […]

Using Windows Vista Keyboard Shortcuts

published on 22.09.2014 in System

Windows Vista has it’s own set of keyboard shortcuts, but did you know that you can also auto assign shortcuts to launch any application? For example, instead of looking for the icon ‘image’ shortcut,you can just launch the Calculator by pressing CTRL + F12. To assign a keyboard combination, find a shortcut to the application […]

How to Take a Snapshot of Anything On or Offline

published on 21.09.2014 in System

If you want to make an image from anything your viewing on the web, on just on your screen in general; that is called a screenshot or snapshot. There are several ways to do this, depending on how you want to take the image. To copy an image of the entire screen into the clipboard, […]

The Difference Between Flash Drives and Thumb Drives

published on 18.11.2013 in System

Whats the difference between a flash drive and a thumb drive? Well there’s not really a difference between the two except the names have been changed many time over the years because of the misuse of the English language A.K.A “Slang”. Other names for the device (flash drive ,pen drive, zip drive, jet drive, usb […]

My Laptop Has No Sound?

published on 22.04.2013 in System

Just about every laptop comes with a sound device and sound drivers with the option of adding an external sound out put. But for reason unknown, suddenly you’re laptop’s sound may stop working. Giving this being the case there might be times where the lack of sound from your laptop can cause serious frustration. What […]

Remove Babylon Toolbar – Babylon Toolbar

published on 30.01.2013 in System

About the Babylon Toolbar? The Babylon Toolbar is a horrid toolbar that takes over your browser and wrecks havoc, making your browsing experience very poor. Once installed, the Babylon Toolbar changes your main search engine to Babylon Search. This is considered “adware”, which then frequently and randomly redirects you to pages you don’t want to […]