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How to Uninstall Google Toolbar

published on 13.07.2011 in Uninstaller

Uninstall Process of Google Toolbar is relatively easy and can be done through Add Remove Program. Here are the steps you need to follow: Step 1: Close all the running programs Step 2: Click on start button at the bottom left corner of your desktop. Step 3: Go to Control Panel Step 4: In XP [...]


published on 14.06.2011 in Uninstaller

Service pack 3 cannot be uninstalled through control panel and Add and Remove Program. To uninstall Service pack 3 or Sp3 you need to follow following steps: 1. Stop all the running programs. 2. Locate start button at the bottom left corner of your PC screen and click. 3. Look for control panel and click [...]

How to Uninstall Bing Toolbar

published on 14.06.2011 in Uninstaller

Bing toolbar was formerly known as MSN search bar. It was useful in many ways but the biggest disadvantage of this toolbar was the space consumption which was abnormally large.  It takes up a lot of space resulting in slowing down the internet explorer and hence the whole system. The steps to be followed in [...]