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I wish SpeedMaxPc nothing but the very best! I'm glad that I could be apart of the huge success this software & website are going to provide. This is truly a priceless product.

Mike B.

Team Member Owns 1934 Chevrolet

published on 29.06.2012 in web

SpeedMaxPc Team Member Owns a 1934 Chevy Sedan Check out this hot (old) ride one of our dedicated team members from SpeedMaxPc owns. This baby is a 1934 Chevy sedan with excellent museum quality. This is a show car with complete restoration. (You’ll wish you owned it) Very hard to find in such nice condition, [...]

The History of Internet Explorer

published on 22.12.2011 in web

Internet Explorer has been around since 1995. It is one of the earliest Internet browsers. It is made by Microsoft and was first included with Windows 95. The first version was in an add-on pack called Plus for Windows 95. Since it was first brought out, Internet Explorer became the most popular browser for nearly [...]

SpeedMaxPc Goes to Busch Gardens Part 2

published on 30.11.2011 in web

Here’s a great shot of a lion, just patiently waiting for the next meal (or a giant T-Bone Steak) Hippopotamus going for a swim. “Wow this Hipo is Huge!!!” Just a couple African Zebras out for a walk.  

SpeedMaxPc Goes to Busch Gardens Florida

published on 30.11.2011 in web

Here are some pictures taken while visiting Busch Gardens Florida on a little vacation by one of our editors. King of the Jungle (what a great picture) American Bald Eagle Crocodile (if you zoom in close, you can see someone put a penny on his nose)??   Continue to page 2. of  “SpeedMaxPc Goes to [...]

Personal Shield Pro Removal Info

published on 11.07.2011 in web

Personal Shield Pro is a FAKE Antivirus created by hackers. This program spreads throughout the internet and installs itself on victims computer with the use of trojans. Once installed Personal Shield Pro will set itself to automatically start-up when windows start. Then it runs a bogus virus scans alerting you that your computer is infected [...]

Win 7 Security 2012 Removal Info

published on 11.07.2011 in web

Win 7 Security 2012, Win 7 Home Security 2012 and Win 7 Internet Security 2012 are all names of the same malware. This form of malware is known as rogue antivirus. The purpose of Win 7 Security 2012 is to silently download into its victim’s computer without their knowledge, and take their computer for ransom. [...]

Bose Wave Sound System

published on 09.07.2011 in web

Presenting the standard for table top systems. Bose proprietary waveguide speaker technology delivers performance far beyond the system’s size. No setup required—just plug and play. FM/AM radio and CD player are built right in. Also included: auxiliary input for your MP3 or other portable player, headphone jack for private listening and handy, credit card-style remote. [...]