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Repair .DLL Files

published on 30.01.2011 in Files

.DLL  is a file extension that may contain many programs, needed to open the bigger applications.

This file send messages to certain devices giving them the ok to start or run. If you receive this file error that means you can not open programs or applications you may need to open.

In order to repair this error you need to go into your registry at once and repair any errors that may be in there.
You may need to install a registry repair tool in order to do this.

Here are a couple causes for error.dll.

First you may have a Trojan that is putting your computer at risk. Second you may need to update files on your registry that may not have been updated since you purchased your compute. Last but not least, you may have erased the file .dll by accident(it does happen to all of us).

Now I will attempt to tell you how to fix your error .dll! Since it is in your registry(or maybe not anymore), you should start there and repair any errors there if any found.

You should install the registry repair tool we talked about earlier, and download it of course.

Then you should see a few choices to select from. I would like for you to choose “registry cleaner” under the section that says scan and clean.

Click clean now or scan now which ever you see in that section. Wait a couple minutes and your registry should be repaired and free of all errors (including .dll errors) . I would recommend checking your registry daily if you are able too, just to ensure proper computer performance.

This article was written by: Bonnie


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