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Blue screen of Death

published on 19.02.2011 in Performance

BSOD – Blue screen of Death

Microsoft Windows is notorious for throwing out as many bugs and errors at the user as any operating system possibly can. The Blue screen of death, as most computer users have chosen to call it, is the commonest and most popular error screens of all. As funny as the name may be, you would not want to witness the Blue screen of death because it usually indicates that the system has just suffered from a critical error which could be fatal.

How can you find out if what you are looking at is the blue screen of death or not? It is simplicity itself. Something you do or some icon you click could result in the computer freezing up and showing a blue screen i.e. a screen with a blue background and white letters.

It is unique to Windows and you will know that the system has just displayed you the Blue Screen of death if the keys you press on the keyboard have no effect at all. This usually occurs when the system has shut itself down due to some critical error.

Essentially, there is a data loss that runs with the blue screen – a document you may have been working on, some downloads in progress or even a game that you were playing.

In most cases, the system shuts down immediately after displaying this screen while other cases require the user to shut it down manually. When the computer restarts, Windows tries to show you what went wrong with the computer typically publishing the error number and error details in a popup window.

While this may not make any sense to the normal user, a computer programmer may be able to diagnose the problem and take steps to resolve the issue. This can either be done in the normal working mode of the computer though it may also require you to go into the safe mode of Windows to address the issue.

For those of you who have witnessed the Blue screen of death, you will know that the system throws out some error numbers and error details which a normal user might find hard to comprehend though it is in English. These numbers are extremely useful to a computer technician who can find out the problem with the computer almost immediately and tell you if the problem is with the hardware configuration or the Kernel.

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