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Browser freezing – Fixing IE Browser Freeze Ups

published on 22.05.2010 in Performance

When on the internet and trying to view different sites there are sometimes that the browser will start freezing and be unable to work as quickly as it did before. When this happens it is no good as it will slow down what the browser is doing and sometimes will make the browser crash and have to start everything from the beginning of the search. If the browser keeps freezing there are a couple of things that can be done to stop it from freezing again and again.

The first thing to do is to check the internet connection as a poor internet connection can cause a browser to act like it is freezing.  The easiest way to check this is by double clicking on the connection icon in the taskbar, or by opening the start menu and then selecting control panel followed by the selection of connection, and ensure that the connection is transferring the data correctly. If the connection is listed as poor or limited it might be best to locate a new source of internet connection so that the browser will stop moving so slowly and possibly freezing.

If the internet connection is good the next thing to check is the system resources. A browser may start freezing if there is not enough memory to run it correctly or if there are too many programs running at the same time. If there is not enough ram it might be time to run a registry cleaner and see if there are places that can be cleaned to speed up the system again. If the reason the browser is freezing is because there are too many programs running then it is best to shut down the programs that are not required when the browser is being used.

If there is enough ram and there are not too many programs running then there must be another reason that the browser is freezing.  Sometimes if there are multiple tabs or browsers open at the same time they are using up too much of the data transfer for the current internet connection. If you think that this is the reason the browser is freezing it is good to try only surfing the internet with only one browser and one tab open at a time. If there are no issues and another window or browser is required open another one and see if it causes the browser to start freezing. If it does not keep opening new windows until the browser starts to slow down. Keep track of how many sites you can visit at a time and try not to visit that many.

If the browser starts to freeze with one specific browser programs check to make sure that there are no current versions available. If there are updates available try downloading them and installing them as often times there are fixes for issues that could cause the browser to freeze. Another option is to try out a different browser, as there are multiple browsers that have different good things about them. Currently the most used browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, as well as Internet et Explorer. It is good to try out all of them if you are finding the browser is freezing as sometimes switching a browser will make the internet use faster.

The final thing that can cause a browser to freeze is if there are problems in the registry.  As the registry is a big place in the Windows operating system the best thing to try to fix the freezing is by doing a full scan of the registry with a registry cleaner.  Often times these registry cleaners will locate any issues and fix them for you. By fixing the registry issues it will make your computer run faster and help to avoid freezing of the browser.

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