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How to Clean UP My PC

published on 24.04.2012 in Performance

Clean Up My PCAfter years of use, or just a lot of use in a short period of time, there is a chance that your computer will be filled to the brim with data and useless information. This is about the time that most people start to notice sluggish response times, random error messages, and irritation with their computer.

If this is familiar to you then don’t worry as listed below are the easiest ways that I have found to clean up my pc.
The first thing that I always do to clean up my pc is to run a full system scan with an anti-virus program, as well as an anti-spyware or anti-malware program. The best thing to do is to set up a scan that is a complete or deep system, scan right before going to bed. The reason that I do this is to ensure that there are not a lot of programs running and that I will not disrupt the scanning.

Many times these deep system scans can take a couple of hours, which is usually dependent on the amount of data you have on your hard drives. Once you wake up check to see if there are any infections that have been identified and remove any malicious programs that have been found.

The First Steps to Clean Up My Pc

The next thing I do to clean up my pc is to clear out all the temporary internet files, as well as any cache’s that I have in my browsers. I find that the more that I use the system the more that this data seems to pile up, and I usually don’t think about clearing it out.

The only time that I remember is when the browser and system start going slowly, which is why I recommend that you not only clear your browser files but to set the system to automatically remove the cache after a certain amount of time. This is of course only if you are comfortable with setting up this automatic deletion.

The next thing that I do to clean up my pc is to remove old programs that I never use anymore. One tip, and time saver, that I have found is to open my control panel. To access the control panel simply click on the start button at the side of your taskbar.

Once the new window opens up double click on the icon that says add/remove software. This will now bring up a list of all the programs that are installed onto your system.

This list will even tell you how often you use the programs so you can easily see which ones are not being used, as well as programs that take up a lot of space.

Now that I have shown you my top 3 ways on how I Clean up My PC I hope that you can use them to enjoy the performance that your system has to offer.

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