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Why You Should Defrag Hard Drive

published on 05.05.2012 in Performance

Hard Drive DefragOne of the quickest and easiest ways to get some lost performance from your system back is to defrag hard drive. By doing a defrag on a routine basis you will save yourself not only time, but the headaches that come along with having a hard drive that has pieces of random data all over the place.

If you continue to read you will find out why you should defrag hard drive as well as ways to defrag the hard drive.

The first question you might be asking yourself is why you would want to defrag hard drive, and that is a very simple question to answer. The reason that you will want to defrag your hard drive is to keep it in neat and tidy operating conditions.Defrag Hard Drive

The hard drive is like your room, if it is clean and in order your computer will be able to find the required data and information very quickly; however, if your hard drive is fragmented like a dirty room your computer will have to look all over the place to try to find what it is looking for.

This quick analogy shows you the importance of defragging your hard drive, as in the long run you will not only save time but you will also save hard drive space. If you go back to the room analogy, you will also be able to understand the second reason why it is important to defrag your hard drive.

This is because when things are nicely put away, in a clean room or on your defragged hard drive, there will be more space. Hard drive space is saved when you ensure all the data is put into the right place, and this is why it is important to defrag your hard drive whenever you can.

The Pro’s to Defrag Your Hard Drive

The good thing about defragging hard drives, unlike your room, is that you can make your computer do it automatically for you. This means that you can schedule a defrag at 2 in the morning, or whenever you do not use the system, which is great as you will not even notice that it is going on.

The windows operating system comes with a defrag tool, however you might find that there is more functionality, including easier scheduling options, with third party programs.

Many times these programs will also come with additional features that the Windows tool does not have. This is because the Windows Defrag tool is very basic, which is great for some users but leaves others wanting more.

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