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What is Ccleaner

published on 19.02.2011 in Programs

If you know the real name of this application or at least the way Microsoft intended it to be, you might be laughing hard now. Initially called Crap Cleaner, this application is designated to be your system’s multipurpose tool responsible for optimization, privacy and cleaning.

The operating system generally uses it to remove unused files and cookies from the system thereby facilitating Windows to run faster and free up disk space.

Typically, your Internet cookies and browsing history can also be cleaned with this tool.

The significant feature of this tool is that it is fast and does not take more than a second to initiate. Since it is free from spyware and adware, it is considered to be one of the most-used tools in the world. If you want a small list of all the programs that it can associate with, it would include browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, media players, download tools and Microsoft Office. The different file types Ccleaner takes care of includes memory dumps left by the operating system, file fragments, log and system files, cache files and other unimportant deals.

Apart from that, it can be used as a registry cleaner to clean up the system registry and uninstalled program addresses.

The user interface of this program has been critically acclaimed while giving an air of sophistication and a plethora of features at the same time.

It is easy to use even for beginners because its controls are easily understood. You can choose different tools like disk cleanup and uninstall features from Ccleaner. For every tool you click on, you will find an associated wizard to guide you through the process occasionally asking you for confirmation. You can use this tool frequently to manage your system’s hard drive while allowing it to function faster.

It can also be considered a resource management tool.

One of the best features of the Ccleaner is that it is completely free unlike most other registry cleaning software. All the manufacturers do is just ask you for a donation in the company’s name while it is not mandatory. There are frequent updates from the company and being a donator helps you download these updates before other people.

If you would like to download Crap Cleaner “Ccleaner” Pleaee click here

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