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DLL Suite Review

published on 07.04.2012 in Programs

The In-depth Review of  “DLL Suite” by dllsuite.com

DLL Suite Product Box Screen ShotClaims made by DLL Suite: “Famous for Windows Error Fixing.  DLL Suite also offers an easy to use Windows error fixing tool to speed up and improve the performance of your computer.”

Analyses: This program is designed to repair .dll system files that may be corrupt or missing, however this tool is not to be used to improve system performance or repair common computer errors as it is claimed to do by its website/owners.                  How to Uninstall DLL Suite

In our evaluation, we discovered that DLL Suite is a well working tool to help you detect .dll system files possibly to repair them but unable to replace or install new files.

.DLL Files are very difficult to replace or restore due to their nature.

For Example: We will use a none existing .dll file (just for this exercise only). Lets say your computer suddenly has a problem locating or is missing “123.dll”, this .dll system file may have thousands if not millions of variants that are not interchangeable, in simple english the (123.dll file) may belong to thousands of different programs and replacing it may cause serious system corruption. Putting your computer in DLL Panic sort of speaking and reject the file as acceptable.

More Information: DLL Suite is not a threat to your computer but could possible cause more damage then good if you were to try to install or repair a missing system .dll file. You can safely install the program and it will scan your computer for problem .dll files and present you with a report on the possible .dll files that may be causing your computer to malfunction.

Please Note: DLL Suite Does Not Provide Computer Performance or System Optimization

www.dllsuite.com Traffic Statistics courtesy of compete.com

DLL Suite

Third Party Reviews Courtesy of Ripoffreport.com
Warning DLL Suite simply does not work.  And your refund request will be stalled or ignored!”
The company offers a 30-day money back refund, but when you request the refund you are put into an endless loop of the exact same e-mail asking for details about your order.
E-mails to other departments in this company are ignored.” >>> Continue to read more

Another Point we would like to make is that the software its self is not registered, meaning that if this were a professional company they would spend the necessary funds to validate their software through the Microsoft digital verifying system. This does not mean the software is  dangerous to download, it  simply means that its a very lazy and very unprofessional on their end to have international customers download unregistered versions of their software.

Screen Shot:

DLL Suite Download Review

Here is a Screenshot of the Software once its downloaded and installed on your computer

DLL Suite Screenshot

Our Complete Review of the DLL Suite Software Program:

This program is safe to download and install if you accept the the Microsoft unregistered download agreement (Not Recommended) once installed the software will scan your computer for problems & errors with .dll files, giving you a proper report on the broken .dll files within your computer, but in order to start or begin the repair process (not recommended) your must first purchase the software.

This is a very common process within the computer diagnosing and digital software industry, however DLL Suite maybe able to repair a corrupt .dll file but unable to download and install a new file for you.

Our observation: The software is okay to download and run a scan to get a report on the exact type of .dll file that maybe causing your computer to work incorrectly, but should only be used as a supplementary tool to helping you locate and troubleshoot the problem so you can have a qualified technician repair the problem for you.

Our opinion is thus, this software should not be sold but rather be available to everyone for free as it has inadequate abilities to helping you repair system malfunctions as it claims to do so and out dated tools that no longer apply to the newer versions of the Windows operating systems.

Article Provided by:  SpeedMaxPc & Team

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