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Problems with Internet Explorer?

published on 13.02.2011 in Programs

Year after year, Microsoft never fails to release a newer version of Internet Explorer.

Since it is the first web browser to be introduced to the computer world, users find it easy to use this application despite the endless stream of errors it churns out.

Most errors are given an error code and an error message which are comprehensible to the best of the computer minds. “52 Runtime error” means that the browser cannot find a file that it is looking for and in all senses could be a connectivity problem. You would have definitely seen the “400 Bad file request” error – this means that you have entered the URL wrong.

It could be because you have missed out punctuation or included an extra comma or even because of letter case errors.

There would be several cases where the browser prompts you for a password and you fail to provide it with one – this throws out the “401 Unauthorized” error. It means that you cannot access this part of the website without proper authorization.

The “403 forbidden/access denied” error is pretty much the same as the previous one except that it requires that you get special permission before you try to access a secure part of a website. If the server cannot find the file that you had asked for, the browser gives you a “404 file/webpage not found” error.

Even though pressing Refresh may help in case of network congestion, sometimes it may so happen that the page is not available anymore. But in most cases, it could be a simple spelling or punctuation mistake.

People have even known to make mistakes with slashes and backslashes.

The “408 request timeout” could be the birth child of your impatience. You may find that a page is taking too long to load and press the stop button to stop the loading process and the browser immediately throws out this error. In some cases, the servers may be slow or there may be traffic congestion – this could also lead to this error. In case of server configuration issues, you will receive “500 internal error”.

In this case, you’ll be required to contact the network administrator. If the web server does not support a specific feature, the browser says “500 – not implemented”. You get error code 502 if there are too many connections on the server in case of high traffic or a server with a low bandwidth.

Finally, if the website you are looking for has moved or if you are disconnected from the Internet, you receive error code 503 saying that the service is unavailable.

Article written on: Internet Explorer

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