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How to Uninstall Advanced System Optimizer

published on 08.04.2012 in Programs

If you have installed Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) you may have come to find that it might not be the correct product for you and are now wondering how to Remove Advanced System Optimizer from your computer. There are a couple of different ways to remove Advanced System Optimizer listed below.

The first way, and recommended to remove Advanced System Optimizer is to use the uninstall program. The reason that this is the advised way is because the uninstall program is created to completely remove all aspects of the program, which tends to avoid any corruption of the hard drive as well as cleaning up all the pieces that were installed so there are no registry errors after the removal.

Remove Advanced System Optimizer

Uninstall Advanced System Optimizer (Instructions):
1. Click the Start button on your taskbar.
2. Select All Programs from the menu.
3. Select Advanced System Optimizer folder

In this folder there will be an uninstall program that can be selected to remove the program.

Another way to remove the program “remove Advanced System Optimizer“. Includes using a third party program to remove the program for you and sometimes even perform a better job than if you were to do it yourself, a program we recommend of course is using SpeedMaxPc.

The final option is similar to the first option in that you are using an uninstaller within your operating system. This option for removing Advanced System Optimizer from your computer is done through the control panel. Simply click the start button on your taskbar, and then select Control Panel.

Once the control panel window opens select add/remove software. From this new dialogue box you can select Advanced System Optimizer, systweak, ASO or also known as Smart Pc Care from the list and this is another way how to Remove Advanced System Optimizer from your system.

To uninstall the program:
Go to Start -> Settings  -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs
Locate Advanced System Optimizer in the list, select it and click on the ‘Remove’ button.

Article Provided by:  SpeedMaxPc & Team

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