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Good Technical Customer Support

superb customer support! I had an awful time updating my computer to windows 7 from vista, And once I was done, my computer had a ton of problems.
I downloaded SpeedMaxPc and let scan my pc, it updated an fixed a bunch of missing drivers! Then when I called to get assistance, they
directly connected to my computer " I thought that was amazing" s o I just
sat back and watched them do all the work while talking with them on the
phone at the same time! My Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 works like magic! Thank you SpeedMaxPc, you guys really know what your doing.


4 Star Rating by Jacob A. on 11/12/2011

Management response:

Thank you for your positive feedback Jacob! We are proud to have helped you, thank you for the opportunity!


My computer was extremeley slow and it took forever to get online. Not sure what the problem was but all I can say is WoW. Speedmax PC fixed everything. This computer is running like new again. Love it.... ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Jeff on 11/11/2011

Management response:

Thank you very much for your Feedback Jeff.


I purchased this software to fix Microsoft error 1601.This program was to fix this it did not.So I am out $39.94.or ripped off B H ... MoreLess

1 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 11/06/2011

On a scale of 1-10 I rate "Timothy" 100

I have not been able to play anything with Adobe Flash Player since I got my new computer. Finally found SpeedMaxPc and Timothy. Oh, what a glorious day. Timothy was extremely professional and helpful!!! Thumbs up to both SpeedMax and Timothy!!!!! ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Carol on 10/02/2011

I had a script error

Timothy helped me fix it and I am extremely happy with his help. I tried for over 8 hours and couldn't do it. Timothy is a real gentleman and also very knowledgable. Thank you for having him on board.

My name should be where I put Timothy's. Sorry. My name is Mary rusdusty@gmail.com ...

5 Star Rating by Timothy on 09/13/2011

Superb Customer Service

Customer & Technical Support tried their best to assist me but, due to a feature (unknown at the time) within Windows 7 that can prevent SpeedMaxPc (or any other repair program) from replacing an ntdll.dll module with a healthy file, they were unable to solve the problem of applications crashing on opening due to this corrupt module. As I had to go to Microsoft direct, my request for a refund was handled with great charm and efficiency. I will happily re-subscribe when the need arises. Thank you for being so considerate and helpful.... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by Manual Writers International, UK on 09/09/2011

removal of adware

chat as very polite, very patient. may be a hardware problem so could not resolve issue. ... MoreLess

4 Star Rating by frank on 08/31/2011

Management response:

Very sorry we could not fix the problem Frank? Thank you for the feedback.

Excellent Remote Support

They were fast to connect to my computer, locate the problem and troubleshoot a solution to implement a fix.

I can tell you right now from experience, its hard getting attention from someone (because of being a celeb)
when I need help and to get them to actually work to help me, other then being star struck with my success.

I was also a bit weary when adding the dedicated support for the extra 9.95, but Im 100% glad I did, because this team got my PC working to the best it can be and now I can upload my tweets with relief, knowing their on there faster because of SpeedMax.

Thanks again SpeedMaxPc!

5 Star Rating by Renee Zellweger on 08/28/2011

Thanks for prompt and courteous customer service

Thank you for helping me with my computer problem. You responded to my e-mails promptly. I didn't have the problem I thought I had (thank goodness)and I couldn't have asked for better service. I thought I would have a major problem when I requested a refund, but I didn't. Having worked in banking I'm aware of customer service and yours was excel lent. Thank you Tara. Adam, and Bea ... MoreLess

5 Star Rating by RatePoint Reviewer on 08/23/2011

connection problem

On August 16th you charged my credit card $46.98, (as promist s/b only $33.97). Now when I scan the Computer, at the end it asks me to pay again or enter a 'LICENSE KEY', which I don't have. What gives??? ... MoreLess

1 Star Rating by Rudy Knop on 08/23/2011