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Auslogics Disk Defrag

published on 06.03.2014 in Spyware

In today’s current culture of quickly adding and removing programs there might be times when your hard drive has been slowed down to almost a crawl because of the fragmentation. If you are unfamiliar with what fragmentation; it is essentially when pieces of data is not properly removed from the disk when adding, moving, or removing software and files.

When your hard drive is fragmented you will notice that your overall hard drive space will decrease, as well as the efficiency of your computer. This is where it is good to have a program that can help out with the issue. One of those programs is called auslogics disk defrag.

Auslogics disk defrag is a program that offers a large variety of features that can help the everyday user avoid the frustration that comes with a fragmented hard drive. There are two versions of the program, which are auslogics disk defrag Free, and auslogics disk defrag PRO. As the names imply, there is a free version of the program as well as a more feature rich program that comes with a price tag attached to it.Asulogic Blocks

Auslogics disk defrag will help your system to re-organize the files on your hard drive and ensure that they are all in the right spot, which will in turn increase your hard drive space as well as increase the speed at which your processor can access the data. The later benefit is actually the one that most people will notice the most as the quicker the computer can get to the data that has been re-organize, the quicker your computer will feel and be.

There are many additional features that are added when the Pro version is purchased, however there might be times where the program does not help with the speed of the system. This could be due to the fact that your hard drive might not actually be fragmented, but suffering a loss of performance due to another reason.

Many times a malware infection, bunch of duplicate files, or unnecessary junk files could be the cause of the loss of performance. That is why it is always recommended to take look at all possible issues prior to purchasing a program that only provides one aspect of optimization.

There are many programs on the market that offer defragmentation as one aspect of their fixes, while offering several other ways to help restore the speed of your system. Overall auslogics disk defrag is a very good defrag tool, and can be used if your system is completely fragmented. However, if you feel that the fragmentation is only one part of the reason why your system is slow perhaps it would be better to look at a software suite that offers additional tools.

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