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What is Adware?

published on 06.03.2014 in Spyware

If you are new to computers and are looking to browse the Internet, make sure that you have an Internet Security bundle installed to protect you from viruses, Trojans, adware and malware. While adware is not really malicious to the computer on a serious scale, it can cause your screen to be infested with popup screens of advertisements.

Typically, adware are just software applications that are free for download but they come with a lot of advertisements from their sponsors. Some adware applications do not even ask you if you want to install them – these are the ones that you have to be careful about.

In most cases, adware are just Internet applications that provide something like a scrolling marquee of commercials when you are online.

Sometimes, it can be just irritating but on other occasions they can be a threat to your Internet privacy because they can be embedded with malicious codes that send information back to the advertisers about your activity online. While you may even attempt to understand that this is just part of their online advertising strategy, the endless mails that you receive from these sponsors may just fill your inbox.

The question is – how are adware applications helpful to the company and the programmer? The outline of this story is this – the programmer is given a certain amount of money for the adware that he creates and more advertising fees when users start downloading and installing them in the form of toolbars and popup applications.

Not only are they annoying but also they are considered a security threat to your computer. If you have heard of BonziBuddy, one of the Internet’s oldest adware applications, you would know that it was built to attract. Even some P2P applications have been known to be adware. However, they fail to be categorized in the section because of the fact that their terms and conditions clearly state that information can be collected by this application.

In view of the adware applications that target the Internet’s unwary users, it is best to have an Internet security package or at least a light Anti-adware application.

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