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Clean up My Computer FREE

published on 23.06.2012 in System

With the increase in computer technology so has the amount of time that we spend on our systems, which in turn increase the amount of things that we use computers to do.

With these increased activities computer have become burdened with the excessive files and programs that we do not really need on our system whether it is fragmented hard drives, add-ons to browsers, or cache folders that are overflowing with data we will never need again.

This is why it is good to clean your system every once in a while, and if you don’t know how to do this continue to read and you will find out how to clean up my computer free.

The first and easiest thing to do to clean up my computer free is to clean out your cache folder. As Mozilla Firefox is one of the biggest browsers we will look at the easiest, quickest, and free way to clean up my computer right now.

The first thing you will need to do is to left click on the Tools menu at the top of the browser.

Now you will need to select options, and select Advanced from the new window. In the area that says offline storage you will see how much space you are using, and can choose to empty the cache by selecting Clear Now. That is all that you need to do to clear out the cache room in Mozilla Firefox.

Another way to clean up my computer free is to disable add-ons from your browsers. Each browser comes with basic functionality, and some users decide to add additional programs onto the browser to be more efficient. However, many times the time that the add-ons save can be used up by the lagging performance that is caused by having the additional programs running.

This is why it is often recommended to disable all add-ons if you do not use them on a regular basis.

The final quick and free way to clean up my computer is to run a disk defrag tool on the entire system. What this will do is find any pieces of data that are leftover from incomplete uninstalls, or programs that have been modified and remove the data which will clean up your hard drive.

A disk defrag is almost like giving your entire house a quick cleaning, it will put the data in the correct spots and remove junk that is not needed.

Hopefully the above listed ways will help to clean up your computer without costing you any money.

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  1. SpeedMaxPc should be installed by every serious computer nerd.

  2. Internet Explorer too unreliable. Malfunctions constantly.

  3. Totally unreliable persormance recently.

  4. tricia says:

    slow computer

  5. June Mayoh says:

    Thank you, I have been having problems with I nternet Explorer not allowing me to vist any web sites

  6. Tom Nieb says:

    The best of success to SpeedMaxPc whose directors have shown the finest professionalism throughout the development and initial marketing of this very fine product.

  7. I have trouble w/ I/E telling me that webpages cannot be accessed. Right now have been trying to get into the U.S. are of DCWG to prevent being shut down by the virus that is predicted to arrive on Monday. I find no area on SpeedMacPC which tells me how much this allegedly “Free download” will cost.

  8. donald rickman says:

    black blog with a long tail on schreen

  9. Bryan says:

    THE FREE ADVICE WAS GREAT BUT DIDN’T SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF SLOW PERFORMANCE AND SHOCKING RESPONSE VIA INTERNET EXPLORER9 ON A VISTA SYSTEM! > have downloaded Speedmax but is it free as no prices are given BEFORE registering?! There seems to be a general theme not to quote costs of all these systems before one downloads!!