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Computer Freezes at Startup

published on 26.03.2012 in System

The startup of a computer is one of the most frustrating times a user can encounter as it feels like eternity to get all the bits and data in the right place and ready to be used. Many times, especially in older systems, there are too many things that are going on at the same time which cause computer freezes at startup.

Computer Freezes at StartupIf you have ever encountered your computer freezes at startup then you know how frustrating it is, as all you want is your computer to turn on so you can do your homework, read your favorite websites, send an email, or even watch a funny clip on YouTube.

All is not lost when your computer freezes at startup as many times it will eventually unfreeze and work again; however it might take a lot longer than you want. If you find yourself in this situation then don’t worry as there are some tips and tricks to avoiding computer freezes at startup.

The first thing that can be done to avoid computer freezes at startup is to limit the number of things that are starting when you first turn on your computer. There are many third party applications that allow you to easily manage the programs that start as soon as your system is turned on which you might want to look into. Another option is to simply remove the programs from your system that start up and slow your system down.

Many times if you buy a new computer there are things that come on the system from the manufacturer that you do not need, some people refer to these programs as bloat ware. There are actually some programs designed to help clean out new systems to ensure you are not the victim of bloat ware.

The next option to look at if you are experiencing computer freezes at startup is additional Ram or memory on your system. If you have an older system but continue to add newer products to the startup there is a good chance that the newer programs are designed to use a lot more memory than your old system has available.

One of the easiest things to do is to take your machine number and operating system to your local computer store to see if it is worthwhile to upgrade the Ram, as it is the biggest noticeable change that you can do to your system.

These two tips will help to reduce the number of computer freezes at startup that you will encounter as each will address the usual issues in different ways. You can either remove programs that are initiated at startup, or increase your systems ability to handle these processes. Either way you will have a faster system at startup.

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