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How to Delete Toolbar History

published on 24.03.2012 in System

Delete Toolbar History

In today’s internet exploring environment there are many times that adding a toolbar to your browsing program might make your life a lot easier. Many times toolbars can have added features that allow you to access certain sites easier, or even get back to their homepage quicker, which might be great in most instances.

There are other toolbars, such as the Google toolbar, which allows you to get a shortcut to their search engine, and with these searches there might be times where a history is left in place. Sometimes with the Google, or other search engine toolbars, you might want to delete toolbar history so that others cannot find out what you were viewing.

There are several different toolbars that offer the search feature so listed below will be the easier ways to delete toolbar history from the most popular toolbars.

The Google search toolbar is one of the most popular toolbars on the market as it usually comes with their Chrome browser as well as many FireFox browsers as well. Because of its popularity a lot of people are looking at ways to delete toolbar history from that taskbar, and it is pretty easy if you follow these steps:

1. Left click on the wrench icon in the toolbar.
2. Left click on the Search tab.
3. Once this tab is opened deselect “Store search history on my computer”
4. Left click on Save.
Another popular search toolbar is called Yahoo, which has easy an easy way to delete toolbar history from their toolbar. Here are the instructions required to remove the history from your Yahoo toolbar.

1. Left Click on the Toolbar Options from your settings menu.
2. Left click on Clear Recent Searches.
This is all that is required to remove the history from your Yahoo toolbar.

Overall toolbar history might be a beneficial history to keep as many times it will help you get back to the pages that you might visit on a daily basis.

However, there might be times when you do not others to view your history, or you might find that the history is no longer relevant to your new searches. If this is the case then it is highly recommended that you remove your history.

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