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Error 1603 – Error Message 1603

published on 21.12.2010 in System

When using the Windows installer there is some issues that may arise, and of those issues is the 1603 error. This is an error code that usually does not have a lot of information relating to the cause of the error, just the fact that it is an error and that it has happened so the installation will not be completed.

If you are one of the many people who have encountered this issue then you are very lucky that you are reading this as listed below are the typical causes of the 1603 error message as well as the things that can be done to fix 1603 errors and avoid them in the future.

The first thing that should be done when any error message is displayed is to read the entire message. Many times when the 1603 error message is displayed it will often state that a fatal error has occurred during installation. This basically means something really bad happened and that the installation could not be completed due to this issue.

As this is pretty generic and doesn’t provide a lot of information as to what has caused 1603 error messages to arise the next thing that should be done is to think about what has taken place that would cause this. That is where the next step of fixing the problem comes in.

There area many causes of 1603 error messages, as well as ways to fix each different cause, and they are listed here:

1. The folder that you are trying to install the Windows package to is encrypted. This means that there is a security measure in place that has not been passed to allow full installation, which in turn causes the 1603 error message to arise. The way to fix this issue is to install the Windows update to a folder that does not have encryption turned on. This will avoid created a 1603 error as the installation will be completed.

2. If you have moved a drive or created a substitute drive within your system then this could be the cause of the 1603 error messages that are being displayed. If this is the cause of your 1603 error messages then the best thing to do is to change the installation path of your update to a drive that is not substituted.

Another cause of 1603 error message is issues related to your operating systems registry. The registry of an operating system is the place where many of the most important files are located.

These files often tell the operating system how and what to do, and if there are any issues with these files themselves then this could be the cause of the 1603 error messages that are appearing when you are trying to install the updates.

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