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The Difference Between Flash Drives and Thumb Drives

published on 18.11.2013 in System

thumb usb flash driveWhats the difference between a flash drive and a thumb drive?

Well there’s not really a difference between the two except the names have been changed many time over the years because of the misuse of the English language A.K.A “Slang”.

Other names for the device (flash drive ,pen drive, zip drive, jet drive, usb drive and many more.

Thumb drives are small portable storage device’s which unlike an optical drive or a traditional hard drive, has no moving parts.

Its a conveniently sized external hard drive. A thumb drive is an electronic small hardware device that is usually used for the transfer and the storage of data. The flash drive, has an electronic memory referred to as a flash memory, which is electrically erasable. The use of the these devices are for Desktop computers, laptops, gaming systems such as the Sony play station, Xbox 360 and others.

There are many different makers of “flash drives” you can buy them in many different shapes and sizes any where from cartoon characters to some like a toy gun or something simple like a stick with color on it. They come in many different colors blue, pink, orange, yellow and all the basic colors.

You can also make/design your own flash drive out of pretty much anything shown in the video below. If you dont have a flash driveĀ  we would recommend getting one they do come in handy for alot of different things. I guess what Im trying to say is there is no difference between a flash drive and a thumb drive.

Learn more about USB and flash drive information.

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Nancy Anne Moore File Author

About The Author: specializes in web design and copywriting. She has been a ghost writer for many blogs. Nancy consider her self a computer tech guru and writing expert by practice since 2006. She began by writing for a small local news paper, then started blogging full time in 2008.

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