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Remove Babylon Toolbar – Babylon Toolbar

published on 30.01.2013 in System

About the Babylon Toolbar?

The Babylon Toolbar is a horrid toolbar that takes over your browser and wrecks havoc, making your browsing experience very poor. Once installed, the Babylon Toolbar changes your main search engine to Babylon Search. This is considered “adware”, which then frequently and randomly redirects you to pages you don’t want to visit or automatically performs searches without you imputing anything. With this type of toolbar, it’s often known that they may collect your personal information and browsing habits, then in return sell the information to 3rd parties for a profit, including spammers, thievish marketers and cyber crooks.

You may find your computer suddenly has the Babylon toolbar installed and you  don’t know how it happened. Most of time this toolbar makes it onto your machine and millions of other peoples computers around the world by via software packages, which have the Babylon Toolbar bundled with them. (Meaning, you downloaded software from somewhere and without knowing or accidentally ‘NOT’ reading the terms of the software agreement, didn’t notice that Babylon Toolbar was included.) “Pretty sneaky huh?”

Manual Babylon Toolbar removal instructions

To remove Babylon Toolbar and all traces of the toolbar, simply follow these steps bellow:

1. Open >> Control Panel and choose >> Uninstall a program (if on Windows Vista/7/8) or >> Add/Remove Programs (if on Windows XP). In the list, select and uninstall any applications with >> Babylon Toolbar in its’ name.

That’s All There is To It!

(That’s how you remove the Babylon Toolbar from your computer) You don’t need software or hard work. The Windows operating system comes with a built in uninstaller application to allow you to uninstall any program you no longer want or need.

After removing the Babylon Toolbar, our experts at SpeedMaxPc recommend doing a thuro cleanse on your computer “after removing any application that is.” To make sure nothing is left behind, it can get technical explaining how programs leave traces of themselves on your computer. To make it simple every program you have installed then remove, leaves behind files & possible folders, cookies etc… still hanging around on your computer hogging up space. Although the uninstall entry can be located in the Windows Control Panel, it is never completely removed from your computer.

“That’s why our experts recommend a good cleanse after removing any toolbar or software/program.”

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Article provided by SpeedMaxPc & Team

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