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Why is My Computer So Slow?

published on 04.10.2011 in System

Tips & Advice for Fixing Your Slow Running Computer

O No! “My computer is running slow!”.

Most causes of all slow computer problems are easily repairable. With a bit of  patience, follow along the article below to gain some solid advice to better keep your most valuable internet connected machine in tip top shape!

Please note: This article is of only value to those whom own Windows operating systems. We don’t yet have software that helps with Apple or Macintosh devices & computers. (Coming soon)

Empty your Recycle Bin

Have you recycled your trash bin lately? It’s an easy fix towards removing old files, (images, content & files) which you no longer need. If you don’t empty your Recycle Bin regularly, then you’ll have a giant mess that not only your computer processes daily, but on top of the data normally processes it also has to process the piles of junk you haven’t yet completely removed.

Update antivirus and antispyware software programs

This will ensure your computer has the latest definitions to guard against any possible future infections. There could also be software patches which may streamline the efficiency of these programs, like using less memory to operate in the background.

Remove all unwanted programs

Don’t just leave software on your computer if you’re not going to be using it, if you don’t use it today, tomorrow, once a week or month… you probably don’t need it on your computer. This is similar to eliminating clutter on your desk. The less stuff you have on your desk, the faster you can find things when you need them. Same thing goes for unused applications on your PC, and if you have software that uses up lots of memory, getting rid of them will increase your speed 10 fold.

Run SpeedMaxPc

Download SpeedMaxPc and install the application, after the installation is complete, allow the program to scan your PC to give you a proper diagnoses, then choose which areas of your computer you want to improve or choose “Fix All” and allow the software to go to work full time and completely Rejuvenate your computer back to an almost like new again state.

Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmenting your PC’s hard drive reduces the time it takes to find files you need throughout your computing sessions. It may take a few hours to do this, but the good thing is, you don’t have to sit there and monitor what’s going on. Once you start defragmenting, the time taken to finish will depend on how fragmented your drive is, or the amount of files it contains.

Upgrade Your RAM

Increasing RAM permits your computer to perform more tasks at once. And you’ll decrease the chances of saying, “My computer is running slow.” You’ll be able to run additional programs in the background, should you require it, and your currently running applications will operate much more smoothly.

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