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I just can't believe I'm one of the first to test and try out SpeedMaxPc, this software is absolutely amazing. Thanks you guys!

Marty Chapman
Hermon, Me

Great information about how to speed up my system.


Hi my name is Mary and I love SpeedMaxpc because it is a great tool for maintaining my computer and keeping it running good. Thanks again SpeedMaxPc!


SpeedMaxPc Review

published on 12.04.2012 in System

How to Properly Use SpeedMaxPc & Features

To All Users Please Notice: SpeedMaxPc may present you with a high volume of problems that may be causing your computer to malfunction.

After you download and install the application it will immediately begin scanning your computer presenting you with a list of possible problems causing your computer to malfunction. You can then choose to Fix All (recommended) or manually go through the report to see what will be repaired, removed or updated.

If you are presented with a high volume of problems, its our recommendation that you click the Fix All button (you will of course have to register the software first).

SpeedMaxPc System Scan Results

Do Not Be Alarmed at the amount of possible errors the software shows you, this tool is highly analytical and does a very thorough scan.

What Does SpeedMaxPc Scan For? System Problems, Privacy Protection, Malware, Performance Issues, Junk files, System Processes, Browser Data, Registry Problems, and Much More!

You may have a huge number of duplicate files, folders, images, tracking cookies, temporary internet files & folders, toolbars (unnecessary amount of toolbar data) tons of data logs and many other files that are causing the problem your experiencing now or slowing down your computer and taking up space on your hard-drive.

The magic of this software is the ability to perform one function at a time!

For example: After the first scan is complete, before clicking the ‘Fix All Button’ you can choose to return to the overview tab and check which function you want the software to scan first, check for malware, junk files duplicate files, system errors or performance issues.

Review of SpeedMaxPc Features & Functions

The purpose of doing this is so you can better itemize what the software is doing for you & your computer, “its pretty cool.” Click the “Start Scan” button to begin diagnosing, once finished manually go over the report don’t worry it’s very simple to perform.”

For example: You can choose just to scan the junk files function and once its complete *click the edit button before clicking the fix all button.* Click the Selected items bar for it to expand and display the list of the junk files it is detecting on your computer.

SpeedMaxPc Review

This may seem like its for more advanced users but its not, we’ve designed SpeedMaxPc to be simple and effective just for you.

You will be amazed at what the application finds on your computer, things you had no idea was even there or thought was erased or gone. However you may not want to remove some files. Example: You could have multiple duplicates of the same photo stored in different folders or locations intentionally or the same important documents stored in different folders on purpose.

We Show you What the Detected Problems are First

We understand this better than any of our competitors and is just 1 of the reasons why were giving you the power of choosing what you want analyzed and repaired versus just wiping things out prior to showing you what the actual problems are first, much like alot of other similar tools do. We want you to have the decision making ability, its your computer and your choice!

You will mostly see log files and .tmp (temporary files) or generated crash reports that your computer automatically sends to Microsoft if something is not working correctly. Yes! this happens in the background all the time without you knowing it. These log files pile up and HOG UP Space on your computer, SpeedMaxPc also shows you the amount of space each file is taking up.

You don’t need to buy More RAM, just clean out all these junk log files and FREE Up space ranging from 50MG to 1000MG!

You may have multiple user accounts on your computer, maybe one for your girlfriend, roommate, friend or relative, all those accounts will have tons of log files of each and every time those users were logged into their profile and what they did and how long they were logged in for.

This is taking up space on your hard drive… Free it up by clicking the fix all button (recommended) or scroll through the itemized list and un-check whatever you don’t want remove or fixed.

More times then not, all this junk data could be causing your computer to have problems with Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows errors and bogging down your Computer Speed.

You can even experiment with the application just by checking 1 function at a time, then when the results return, only pick one or two files to be removed, click the fix all button and watch the software do its magic, afterwards return to the same itemized location list to see new results of fewer problems found, so you can witness the power of SpeedMaxPc and that it’s actually doing something for you.

Rinse & repeat or…

You can do the same with the Privacy scan function, this feature allows you to see emails you thought you deleted. You can also un-check the email function so that SpeedMaxPc does not remove any emails you have in your deleted email folders. This is if your using Outlook Express or a number of other desktop email applications.

The privacy function also allows you to wipe out all those pesky toolbars you have installed! You wouldn’t believe it, but every single time you use a toolbar that information stays on your computer piling up and hogging up more space. SpeedMaxPc will show you exactly whats what, if you want it gone or decide to keep it. The feature is compatible with over 20 different most popular used toolbars.

Did you know every time you search your computer for anything, a file, picture, application or folder etc. This is stored on your computer in a number of different log files. Hogging Up Space and SpeedMaxPc shows you just how much space its taking up!

Do you use File Sharing, like BitTorrent, Utorrent or other torrent sites? All your searches, downloads, logs and even incomplete downloads that you thought just vanished (out of sight out of mind) was just gone?
Yup, that’s right they are taking up space on your hard drive and guess what? SpeedMaxPc shows you just how much its taking up too so you can remove it, keep it or fix it.

SpeedMaxPc Privacy Scan Settings

SpeedMaxPc is high class software for the everyday user. Its compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

Remember: Computer Maintenance is the #1 solution to keeping your computer working at its best and using SpeedMaxPc regularly will help prevent system errors, remove infected malware and thoroughly clean up your computer for better performance!

Article & Review Provided by:  Nancy Moore

Nancy Anne Moore File Author

About The Author: specializes in web design and copy writing. She has been a ghost writer for many blogs. Nancy consider her self a computer tech guru and writing expert by practice since 2006. She began by writing for a small local news paper, then started blogging full time in 2008.

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4 Responses to “SpeedMaxPc Review”
  1. speedmax says:

    1 License for SpeedMaxPc software is good for 1 year with the option to renew.

  2. raul says:

    how long is the subscription for?

  3. Admin (Support) says:

    Bryan, I looked up your order and it appears you purchased on 9/04/2011. You will be able to continue to use speedmaxpc until 9/04/2012. Our support team will email you 30 days before your subscription ends to renew if you choose to.

    If this is not the issue your having, please explain in more detail or contact our support team.

    Thank you!

  4. bryan hayward says:

    i thought i had an automatic renewal last year on the 4th september 2011 why was i not advised of this error ;;i assumed i was automaticly covered or you would warn me i was not secure