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Fix Windows Xp No Sound Problems

published on 01.04.2012 in System

Fix Windows XP No SoundIf you have a computer and you have wanted to play some music, videos, or games you know how frustrating it can be if your using Windows xp and it has no sound. If you have tried to open a file with windows xp and no sound plays it can be one of the most annoying times that any computer user can have.

How to Fix Windows xp No Sound:  There is a quick checklist that you can go over that will quickly determine why there is no sound playing, as well as the quickest way to fix the possible issue.

The first, and most common, cause that your windows xp no sound issue arises is because the mute button might be turned on. If you do not have your sound icon in your taskbar it might be hard to notice that for some reason the sound has been muted.

If you think that this is the reason why there is no sound coming out of your windows computer then the best thing to do is to open the control panel in your start menu. From here simply select Sounds and ensure that there are no mute settings turned on. This is usually the quickest, and easiest, issue to fix the problem of having windows xp with no sounds.

The next thing to check is that your speakers are connected, as without a connection you will not be able to get the sound signals to them and in return they will not be able to create sounds for you which results in the of Windows xp no sound issues. If you are running external speakers the first thing to check is to ensure that there is power going to the units.

To do this simply press the power button, as you should see a light turn on that indicates that there is power. Then the next connection to check is the one to your computer. This could be wireless or with a cord so you will have to determine which method you are using to connect your speakers to your computer system.

The final common cause of windows xp no sound issues are related to the software of your system. If you are using a media player you might want to check to make sure that it is up to date and that all the patches are current.

There are times when a newer file is played in an older media player errors can occur which cause your windows xp no sound issues.

If you have ensure that the media player is up to date then you will want to ensure that the systems audio drivers, and sound card software, are both up to date as well as often times there can be conflicts created with out of date drivers and software.

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