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Winsock Error

published on 21.12.2010 in System

There might be a time in your internet surfing activity that for no apparent reason the computer will display a pop up error message that is advising that there is a Winsock error with some sort of explanation as to what the Winsock Error is. Unfortunately, to the average user a Winsock is not really [...]

Rpc Error

published on 01.07.2010 in System

If you are encountering a Rpc Error then you are most likely trying to contact or access another network for some type of data. In order to try to fix Rpc Error we must first figure out what is RPC, what causes Rpc Errors, as well as different possible ways to resolve Rpc Errors. The [...]

Fixing Program Errors

published on 30.06.2010 in Programs

A program error is exactly what it sounds like, there is an error within the program and depending on the severity or how bad the error is will determine if the program can still continue to operate or if the program must be restarted. Program errors are the results of a couple of different things [...]

Device Error Repair

published on 30.06.2010 in Drivers

Device errors are caused when one piece of the system does not correctly communicate with another piece of the system. In computers there are individual pieces that when put together make a full computer system that works together to access, read and create whatever the machine is told to by the user. However when device [...]

What is proplus .msi?

published on 24.06.2010 in System

Proplus .msi is a file that is responsible for the installation of Microsoft’s Office Professional program. In fact the proplus.msi is a database for all the files required for the set up, settings, as well as configuration for the Office program on your system. This is a file that is required the first time the [...]

What is Error 999?

published on 24.06.2010 in System

If you have been trying to get into your Yahoo mail and ever gotten Error 999 message, then you will know how annoying this is as it is the only thing stopping you from reading all of your email messages. As Error 999 appears to be Yahoo Mail specific the and there is not a [...]

Error 554 Message

published on 19.06.2010 in System

Sometimes when using Microsoft’s e-mail program, Outlook, there might be a time when Error 554 appears for no real reason. As Error 554 is one of the more generic error codes, there is not a lot of information typically provided with the error message itself when displayed. However listed below is information as to what [...]