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All About File Extensions & More

published on 12.07.2011 in Files

Common questions about file names and file name extensions. What is a file name extension? A file name extension is a set of characters that helps Windows understand what kind of information is in a file and what program should open it. It is called an extension because it appears at the end of the [...]

What is File Extension .DOC?

published on 21.02.2011 in Files

You would find that a computer geek would refer to document files as docs. Typically, a doc file refers to just a document file which can be opened with one of the word processors like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect. If you do not own one of these software applications, you can also choose to open [...]

What is file extension .DAT?

published on 20.02.2011 in Files

One of the most versatile file extensions is the dat file. Owing to this versatile nature of this file format, there is not defined structure for the dat file. Typically, it can be just about anything you can dream of since this is just a data package. They are generic data files which can be [...]

What are File Extensions?

published on 17.02.2011 in Files

If you are new to computers and wondering what application to use to open a particular file, the first thing you should do is check the file extension of the file. A file extension can be found at the end of the name of the file. Usually it is three characters long but in some [...]

File Extension Format Explanations

published on 28.01.2011 in Files

What are File Extensions? File extensions are usually three or more characters at the end of a computer file or program. File extensions are used for computer operating systems, like Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC OS X, and basically tell them, what kind of data file it is and with which application associated it is. [...]

How to OPEN Unknown File Extension

published on 12.07.2010 in Files

In order to open any type/kind of file you must have software that will work for the specific file type, “whatever the extension, your trying to open at that time”. This software is able to decipher the code and display or execute the resulting file in the appropriate manner very quickly. Explanation: This means that [...]

Framedyn.dll File

published on 17.06.2010 in System

Framedyn.dll is a dynamic link library file that is required to start a wide variety of programs. As this is a file that is used by many different programs there are time when the version or current Framedyn.dll file in the Windows Registry is not the required file and you might encounter error messages that [...]