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I wish SpeedMaxPc nothing but the very best! I'm glad that I could be apart of the huge success this software & website are going to provide. This is truly a priceless product.

Mike B.

SpeedMaxPC in the News – Slow Computer Problem Solver Software

published on 01.01.2012 in Tech

Bangor, Maine, United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) December 19, 2011 –SpeedMaxPc.com announced the release of an update to its self-empowering computer all in one software. The new update comes with powerful tools that sets your computer up for maximum speed, also seeks & destroys malware, spyware and shredding rogue viruses.

“Don’t wait until your computer is slow or giving you trouble, keep it clean & safe regularly by using SpeedMaxPc or a computer optimizer of your choice. There’s no need for annoyances, you can avoid them and stay safe on the web with maintenance.”

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