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How to Uninstall Spyhunter

The user might want to completely uninstall Spyhunter as it has a poor update system. The basic way to remove it is by uninstalling it from the add\remove software section of the control panel. A few simple steps should be followed:

1. All currently open programs should be closed.

2. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu.

3. Choose Add\Remove Programs or Uninstall Program based on the Windows Version.

4. Then select Change or Remove Programs tab from the top left corner of the screen.

5. Search Spyhunter from the various programs, and press Remove or Uninstall Spyhunter.

6. Select Yes to restart the system, when asked for .

Basically there are two methods of completely uninstalling Spyhunter. One is to do it manually and the other is to remove it automatically. The former is recommended mainly for professionals, as doing it incorrectly may render windows as unbootable.

Uninstalling Spyhunter manually can be done by following the given steps:

1. Identify the particular Spyhunter related files by going to C:\ Program Files\, and delete them individually.

2. Then click Start and go to Run. Enter Regedit in the new box to go to the registry files. Then delete all the related registry keys.

The second and easier way to uninstall Spyhunter is to use a trusted professional uninstall tool. Such tools automatically detect and remove the leftover files and registry keys for the complete removal of the software. It is comparatively a safer way of removing half uninstalled software’s without causing any damage to the computer.

While using an uninstall tool it is important to keep in mind to run the computer on safe mode.


Spyhunter has one of the best network protections. It is very easy to use and detects and removes almost all forms spyware, rootkits, adware, Trojans and other types of malware. It has an in-built SpyHunter Compact OS that easily removes unwanted malware and spyware. Spyhunter has a very easy interface with an intelligent protection system. It is highly customizable and also shields email and IM.  But it does not give the option to scan all parts of the memory. It also has no option to search and scan external drives. It does not have a recovery system either, to recover important files that might have been deleted by mistake. It is efficient and easy to use, but misses some very key features thus restricting its full functionality.