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The History of Internet Explorer

published on 22.12.2011 in web

Internet Explorer has been around since 1995. It is one of the earliest Internet browsers. It is made by Microsoft and was first included with Windows 95.

The first version was in an add-on pack called Plus for Windows 95.Internet Explorer 1.0

Since it was first brought out, Internet Explorer became the most popular browser for nearly a decade. It was the most popular until other browsers such as Opera, Safari and Firefox came along. In 2002 Internet Explorer was used by 95% of all Internet users. Many people say this is because the most Internet users use the Windows operating system. Internet Explorer is usually included with Windows.

Until now, Internet Explorer has had ten different versions. Internet Explorer 1 came out in 1995. The most recent version Internet Explorer 10 and this only came out in April 2011. At the moment, Internet Explorer is used by about a third of Internet users, which is a lot less than ten years ago.Internet Explorer 5.0

Internet Explorer was written to be used mostly on Windows operating systems made by Microsoft. However, there are versions of Internet Explorer that have been made for other systems as well. For example, there is Internet Explorer Mobile that is used in cell phones. There have also been versions made for Apple Mac computers, and UNIX. These versions have since been scrapped.

Microsoft got into trouble recently with the United States and the Europe. They told Microsoft that it shouldn’t put Internet Explorer into it’s Windows operating system automatically.

The reason for this was that other browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Safari were losing out and it was unfair. A judge said that Microsoft were no longer allowed to sell Windows with Internet Explorer built in. Firefox Eating Inernet Explorer Instead it must offer other browsers as well. Since then, when you buy a new computer, it will ask you which browser you want to use. A screen allows you to choose any of the most popular browsers (including Internet Explorer).

Internet Explorer was originally not going to be a part of Windows 7, but Microsoft decided to include it as standard.

Microsoft has also been in trouble with their customers over security problems with Internet Explorer. In the past, many different security holes have been found. As a result many users of Internet Explorer now prefer to use different browsers such as Firefox. Microsoft now release security patches very often that allow Internet Explorer to update its self when a security problem is found.

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